Progressing…Or Not

Last night at work was literally one of the best experiences I’ve had thus far. After the disaster that was Monday, it’s amazing how the things that once annoyed you don’t. It’s not like I want to lower my standards, but I have such a better appreciation for the editors I work with on a daily basis after working with one who wasn’t so on top of his game.

In the end it all worked out just fine. Everyone knew it wasn’t my fault that things were just falling apart at the seams. Of course, I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus, but to an extent someone needs to be to blame and it’s hard when you’re the low man on the totem pole.

Anywho, that’s all dealt with and I feel much better after having gone into work yesterday. Not going to lie I was a bit nervous.

Wednesday, already? This week is flying, even for those of us who didn’t get Monday off. I had a 4 mile run on the schedule today followed by some of the lower body work that the coach taught me last week. Monday’s workout also consisted of some of that lower body work. Even though it felt fairly easy while doing it, I was pretty sore all day yesterday!

The coach has me adding in some progressive runs. She’s really trying to teach me not only to maintain a consistent pace, but also to figure out how to run a slow pace and a little bit of a faster pace. I’m sure for a lot of seasoned runners, this isn’t brain surgery. But I’ve always been bad about pacing. On the treadmill, it’s no big deal. But outside I struggle.

Monday’s 3 miles were progressive on the treadmill because I was still getting over the cold. But I took today’s 4 outside. My goal was to do the first at just under a 9:00 and get progressively faster. Shocking right?

These were my final splits:

  • Mile 1: 8:30
  • Mile 2: 8:01
  • Mile 3: 8:22
  • Mile 4: 8:21

Clearly I majorly failed at the progression. I think mile two was a fluke and 3 and 4 I blame on the wind. It basically propelled me forward for all of the first half of the run and then I ran against it for all of the second half. And that wind was no joke, 50 mph gusts and a wind advisory. So….not my fault, right? Still good splits none the less.

I have a coffee date shortly that I’m pretty excited about, so time to get ready!


They Say Everything Happens For A Reason

…Well if that’s the case, last night was God’s big “eff you”. In other words, it was a learning experience. One that I would have survived the rest of my life not experiencing just fine. You see, I am what they call a “type a” personality. Mainly this comes into play with my plans.

I. Plan. Everything.

It can be a blessing a curse. I have at some point planned out every detail of my life. Except my wedding. Never even thought about that one. I’ve actually always rather someone else plan that for me. But that’s a different story for another day.

It’s good to have plan. I think it gives everyone focus and purpose in life. I mean who wants to just float by doing things for no reason? I like knowing that at least most things I do are for a reason. That’s why when you randomly get broken up with one day after including that person in your plan (and having that person want to be included), it’s a little difficult to recover.

But back to the point.

Without being too specific, my job requires me to oversee things being done. I don’t actually do the things that are needed, but I distribute them, give them the okay, and make sure they are finalized. Since I work in news, you can imagine things are constantly changing and need to be done on a very tight time frame. Since the beginning it’s been difficult to just take a back seat. I do the beginning work and the end work, but the middle (where the magic happens) is out of my hands. Once it gets to that phase, my pen clicking, gum chomping, and foot tapping kicks into high gear.

Last night was especially difficult because I was only working with one other person as opposed to three. The stuff we do adds the extra little flare to the show. It’s not like the show can’t go on without it, but it’s our “thing”. Since it’s not pressing it’s usually okay if there is a time crunch and a couple of things don’t make it. Last night a lot of things didn’t make it.

It’s so hard to be the point person because not only do I want to succeed for myself, but I don’t want to let anyone else down. This was also my first night flying completely solo so there was added pressure. While I know nothing is my fault and I did the best I could, it’s still somewhat of a disappointment.

But, perhaps that’s the kick in the ass I needed to realize that things won’t always go my way. My plan is going to go off track sometimes. Not everything is in my control. As long as I know I’ve done my very best, I can’t punish myself for other people’s thoughts or actions. I guess that applies to a lot of things in my life right now.

The whole night I was planning on going to spinning, but after not getting home until 12:15 and not falling asleep until way later, I called it off. I’m opting instead for the elliptical and some ab work. Today is technically an off day, but I think some light elliptical will be good for my body and mind!


Well, it’s officially winter. And I know this more because I’ve been cooped up on the couch sick than because of the temperature. Though, the last two days have been brutally cold. Wild chills of -10 are not my thing.

I was dealing with an annoying cough all last week. I thought it was the product of a late night out last Saturday (because I’m an old maid and not at all used to that!). But then a cough tried into a sneeze and a sneeze turned into not being able to breathe.

I think cold are my least favorite illness. They’re not the flu, so you really shouldn’t call out of work because of them, but they’re still so annoying and last so long. I’ve had this stupid thing for over a week now!

Sadly, I needed to make some adjustments to my running schedule. Instead of doing my planned 8 miles on Saturday I only managed 6. Which kind of annoys me because once I got to 6, I thought “what the hell, just do the extra 2”. But I knew it wouldn’t be good for me since Saturday was probably the worst day of the cold.

It also didn’t help that I took Sudafed before hand that definitely wasn’t the non-drowsy kind. It didn’t say drowsy. But it didn’t say it wasn’t. Which could be way I felt like I was going to faint the whole time. Yes, I know I should have just stayed in. But whatever. 6 miles is better than no miles. I guess.

At least I got to hang out with my favorite man, whose now sleeping in until 9:30!

Who wouldn't want to cuddle with that face?

More important than the run…was the shopping trip. I am now the proud owner of J Brand jeans. I was also a Hudson girl, but these were love at first sight! Designer jeans are totally worth their price tag, especially when you’re a petite girl and can find a size you don’t have to adjust!

While everyone is enjoying their holiday today, I will be working an extra long shift because I’m the only one there. I’m excited to do all the shows on my own, but would prefer the extra sleep when I’m feeling this crappy. I’ve been having a lot of career path thoughts lately. I can’t tell if it’s the adjustment to working until 10:30pm every night that’s getting to me or what. I wonder when people ever feel sure? I know this is my first real job and it’s not going to be perfect or everything I ever wanted, but I wonder if I missed some important learning experiences by only doing my internships in television production. My thoughts have been wandering a lot to PR, advertising, marketing, and social media.

I’m sure I’ll return to that thought soon! Enjoy your holiday 🙂

Take One

Sadly, I had to ruin my hair by running four miles today. But it was worth it because I also had my first personal training session with the coach.

As part of my individualized coaching, I have every workout planned out for me. So what does this include? Well, basically I wanted no guesswork in my training. I never wanted to have a day come up and wonder if I should or shouldn’t run, if I should cross train, if I should go for a walk, if I should just sit on my couch.

The beauty of this plan is everything is broken down for me. Every day tells me whether it’s an on or off day. If it’s off: I rest. If it’s on, it includes a warmup (which can be anything from a mile to stretching to running drills), a run, and a cooldown.

But one of my main concerns was strength training. My hugest downfall in training for my half marathons was giving up on lifting legs. I was building endurance in them and that’s definitely important, but I didn’t think they were at their strongest. My problem was I never knew how much to lift and when to work it in. I didn’t want to be sore for the runs because running was my end goal.

My coach totally understood what I meant by that so we worked it out that she’d also include my strength in my logs. This way there truly is no guess-work. But she wanted to see where I was at currently and show me each move. So I ran two miles to meet her and we got to work!

Today was basically an assessment. She timed things such as how long I could hold a plank and a squat and made me to lateral lifts and single leg hip drives to fatigue. It was interesting to see the imbalances in each leg and she talked about what we would and wouldn’t work on due to my results.

From here on out, though, my strength training will only be a means to further my running. Instead of doing a regular lunge, my stance will be much closer together to mimic actually running. There will be a lot of single leg work to strengthen balance that is needed during running. Arm work will be focused on the driving movement during running.

Do you see a theme? Running, running, running. Nothing is “just because” and I love that.

And now to answer the question discussed earlier. Basically she said minutes and miles are simply a means of variety. She feels that when a lot of people see 3 miles, they map out their run and aim for a certain pace. When people see 30 minutes they’re less likely to be as strict. For instance, I usually just do a 15 minute out and back. But this requires to be a lot more aware of my pace otherwise I will need to add distance once I get to my apartment if I sped up, or walk the rest of the way if I slowed down. So essentially, its variety but it’s also a way to gage my pace and eventually it will help with splits once we have a better idea of where my easy pace lays.

“Carrie Underwood Blonde”

A couple of weeks ago I went home for New Year’s Eve. Not because I had any hopping plans, but because I wanted to relax with my family, see some friends, and not be worried about being in Boston and lonely. As pathetic as that sounds, it was nice to have a New Year’s Eve with zero pressure or plans involved. I didn’t feel let down, I felt rested.

But one thing went terribly wrong. I’ve been complaining about how badly I need to highlight my hair for about a month when my mom finally made me an appointment for while I was home. But there was a problem. A big problem.

For all of my high school and college years, I’ve been going to the same person. I’ve never ventured anywhere in Boston because I’m just terrified someone is going to ruin my hair. But my mom said the woman she’s been seeing is great and does really great blondes. I’m naturally blonde, but I enhance it with a little bit of “Carrie Underwood” flare.

Basically, I don’t want to look white or fake, but I like to be a light blonde with some warm undertones. Carrie Underwood is pretty blonde but if you look at her hair, it doesn’t look white either. It still has a kind of honey glow to it.

Well, midway through doing my hair, the stylist told me she wasn’t using bleach (huh? I appreciate the lack of damage she was causing, but my roots were pretty dirty blonde, I needed bleach). Followed by the fact that she added some “warm, caramel undertones. WHAT?!

I tried to be calm. You know I’m trying to relax. Be spontaneous. Live in the moment. I’m pretty good about my hair. I change up the cut like 7 times a year and I’ve thought about going darker but never given in. After it dried, I just wasn’t happy. So unhappy, in fact, that I made an appointment for a short two weeks later with someone else. Luckily, I know this girl is good with blondes. She does a friend of mine and I love her hair.

Still, it wasn’t my stylist so I was kind of freaked out. Well, I went this morning and I’m in love. I might have finally found a place in Boston to do my hair. I’m sure some of you girls feel the same, but having the right stylist is so important! They need to listen to you and do what you want, but still suggest what is going to look best. It’s a delicate balance, I tell ya!

I had thoughts of going to cycling today but it was listed on my training plan as a rest day. I’m going to a training session tomorrow for lower body moves so I wasn’t sure if spinning was a good idea. When I asked, the coach replied with “But you just got your hair highlighted, why ruin that blow out? Skip it, you’ll get a fantastic workout tomorrow!”.

Once again, in love.

Minute Versus Miles

Welcome to the work week. I’m kind of not looking forward to work this week. With the New Hampshire Primaries upon us, I except everyone to be behaving like crazy people. I’m preparing for an incredibly busy few days, filled with breakdowns and freak outs. As anxiety prone as I can be, I actually work really well under pressure in a work environment. I don’t know what it is about knowing there is a deadline coming up, but I thrive off of that last-minute stuff.

And in the news, everything is last-minute. It’s definitely a field that you need to be passionate about. I can see how not knowing what the top story is going to be 2 minutes before airtime might drive some people crazy. But I love it. Not everyone I work with thrives off of the same pressure though. And that kind of drives me nuts. This industry is so tough to get into that if you’re not passionate and dedicated to it, I feel like you’re not only doing a disservice to yourself and the people you work with, but also to those who really would want your job. Is that too harsh of me?

Rant over.

Anyway, I started off the work week with a nice 30 minute run. One of the reasons I love my schedule is that I’m never rushed to get up and go. I actually didn’t even leave my apartment until 11:30 and still had plenty of time to shower, make lunch and dinner, play with the puppy, and bang out this post.

My legs were a little tight after Saturdays 70 minute run. I guess that not stopping this is a little harder on the body than all those walking breaks. Even still, I covered 3.55 miles in 30 minutes with pretty consistent splits

  • Mile 1: 8:27
  • Mile 2: 8:26
  • Mile 3: 8:31
  • .25: 8:22

Not too shabby, huh? I’m hoping this 8:30 pace holds steady when the runs increase in length. Or time.

Which brings me to my question. I’m going to ask this of my coach when I meet with her again on Wednesday, but I’m curious of the reasons for doing timed runs over distance runs. On Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll be doing mile based runs, but today and Saturday I did minute based runs.

Obviously in 30 minutes I’ll cover more than the 3 miles I have scheduled for Thursday. Just curious if there is a certain reason for that. Maybe getting my legs used to consistently running for a given period of time? Or maybe for pacing reasons? Any thoughts?

A Whole New World

Welcome to the second week of January. By now everyone who took vacations is back to work, colleges are back in, and Boston finally looks like people live here again. It’s so nice to see people in the city.

Especially when the weather was as gorgeous as it was this weekend. Saturday was basically unreal. Everyone was out and about and exercising. Me included. On the plan for the weekend was a 70 minute long run, with instructions from the coach not to stop. The goal is to regulate my pace into that “easy” place where I know I can sustain it rather than running so fast I’m forced to stop. Even though it has never hurt my overall pace, apparently it isn’t the most effective method.

So that’s what I did.

Ran 8.25 miles in 70 minutes. Granted I might have chosen to run where I knew I would hit the most red lights, but I didn’t need to stop once. Toward the end, though, my calves got super sore. But baby steps. Cannot believe I did 8.25 miles without stopping!

Saturday night was…interesting. I caught up with my freshman year college roommates. It was the first time I’ve really gone out being “single”. It was odd. I’m not sure how much I liked it. Maybe going to college bars just isn’t my scene anymore. At least to find responsible, mature, somewhat put together men. Men, not boys. Need to find where the investment bankers hang out on the weekends.

But I guess it was necessary to get out there.

And to drink 7 vodka tonics.

And come home and eat too much peanut butter out of the jar, because who doesn’t eat peanut butter as drunk food.

And wonders never cease because I woke up at 8am with no signs of a hangover. The puppy, however, clearly had a rager while I was gone because he wanted no part of waking up.

It’s interesting how much you appreciate the weekends and downtime when you’re in the real world. Maybe even a little bit more than I did in college.

It’s all just a whole new world for me now…