Well, it’s officially winter. And I know this more because I’ve been cooped up on the couch sick than because of the temperature. Though, the last two days have been brutally cold. Wild chills of -10 are not my thing.

I was dealing with an annoying cough all last week. I thought it was the product of a late night out last Saturday (because I’m an old maid and not at all used to that!). But then a cough tried into a sneeze and a sneeze turned into not being able to breathe.

I think cold are my least favorite illness. They’re not the flu, so you really shouldn’t call out of work because of them, but they’re still so annoying and last so long. I’ve had this stupid thing for over a week now!

Sadly, I needed to make some adjustments to my running schedule. Instead of doing my planned 8 miles on Saturday I only managed 6. Which kind of annoys me because once I got to 6, I thought “what the hell, just do the extra 2”. But I knew it wouldn’t be good for me since Saturday was probably the worst day of the cold.

It also didn’t help that I took Sudafed before hand that definitely wasn’t the non-drowsy kind. It didn’t say drowsy. But it didn’t say it wasn’t. Which could be way I felt like I was going to faint the whole time. Yes, I know I should have just stayed in. But whatever. 6 miles is better than no miles. I guess.

At least I got to hang out with my favorite man, whose now sleeping in until 9:30!

Who wouldn't want to cuddle with that face?

More important than the run…was the shopping trip. I am now the proud owner of J Brand jeans. I was also a Hudson girl, but these were love at first sight! Designer jeans are totally worth their price tag, especially when you’re a petite girl and can find a size you don’t have to adjust!

While everyone is enjoying their holiday today, I will be working an extra long shift because I’m the only one there. I’m excited to do all the shows on my own, but would prefer the extra sleep when I’m feeling this crappy. I’ve been having a lot of career path thoughts lately. I can’t tell if it’s the adjustment to working until 10:30pm every night that’s getting to me or what. I wonder when people ever feel sure? I know this is my first real job and it’s not going to be perfect or everything I ever wanted, but I wonder if I missed some important learning experiences by only doing my internships in television production. My thoughts have been wandering a lot to PR, advertising, marketing, and social media.

I’m sure I’ll return to that thought soon! Enjoy your holiday 🙂


Take Two

If you read that lengthy “About” page (and if you haven’t, I highly recommend you do), you’ll know I did this whole blogging extravaganza once before. Besides today, you’ll never hear about it again because it’s nothing I’m proud of. Before I started this blog I thought really hard about why I ever wanted to do it again if that last one was such a disaster. Okay, it probably wasn’t a disaster, but it wasn’t me.

My last blog was essentially me speaking through everyone else’s voice and mold. I don’t remember whose blog I stumbled across first a couple of years ago, but I loved them. There were so many people out there that I looked forward to seeing posts from every day. Since I’m a communications major, I thought “what the hell? I can do this! I love to write”. But I just did what everyone else did: pictures of food, rehashing my boring day, the occasional hot topic subject. It was a total bore. At the end of the day it was stale, there was no purpose.

Then I found a whole new group of blogs. Running blogs. Blogs where people were going to bed at 9 to wake up and run on a Saturday…exactly what I was doing! It was the strangest feeling but I felt like these people were some of the most truthful blogs I had read. The people who weren’t turning out post after post, but wrote really quality, humorous, open posts. For a long time, a lot of people in my real life would make fun of me for my training schedule, but these were people who were doing it too. Reading posts from people like Ali, Alyssa, and Lindsay made me feel normal.

So back to the point…why start a blog again if I failed so miserably at the first attempt? Because this is going to be more of a journal. I finally have done what’s been in the back of my mind for months: registered for my first marathon. I’m splurging on a running coach to get me through in one piece without over training. And I want to document the whole thing for myself. I have no intention of taking pictures of my food (if I ever take pictures at all). I have every intention of writing about whatever random lessons I learn along the way; about running, about dating again, about my job.

I hope to make good friends along the way that share my similar interests, but I have no intention of changing myself to fit a mold. Been there, done that, and let me tell you, whether it’s with people in your real life or an online community: just be yourself. If people don’t want to be there for you, changing yourself isn’t going to make you happier.

So welcome to my journal. I hope you stick around! And happy new year!