“Carrie Underwood Blonde”

A couple of weeks ago I went home for New Year’s Eve. Not because I had any hopping plans, but because I wanted to relax with my family, see some friends, and not be worried about being in Boston and lonely. As pathetic as that sounds, it was nice to have a New Year’s Eve with zero pressure or plans involved. I didn’t feel let down, I felt rested.

But one thing went terribly wrong. I’ve been complaining about how badly I need to highlight my hair for about a month when my mom finally made me an appointment for while I was home. But there was a problem. A big problem.

For all of my high school and college years, I’ve been going to the same person. I’ve never ventured anywhere in Boston because I’m just terrified someone is going to ruin my hair. But my mom said the woman she’s been seeing is great and does really great blondes. I’m naturally blonde, but I enhance it with a little bit of “Carrie Underwood” flare.

Basically, I don’t want to look white or fake, but I like to be a light blonde with some warm undertones. Carrie Underwood is pretty blonde but if you look at her hair, it doesn’t look white either. It still has a kind of honey glow to it.

Well, midway through doing my hair, the stylist told me she wasn’t using bleach (huh? I appreciate the lack of damage she was causing, but my roots were pretty dirty blonde, I needed bleach). Followed by the fact that she added some “warm, caramel undertones. WHAT?!

I tried to be calm. You know I’m trying to relax. Be spontaneous. Live in the moment. I’m pretty good about my hair. I change up the cut like 7 times a year and I’ve thought about going darker but never given in. After it dried, I just wasn’t happy. So unhappy, in fact, that I made an appointment for a short two weeks later with someone else. Luckily, I know this girl is good with blondes. She does a friend of mine and I love her hair.

Still, it wasn’t my stylist so I was kind of freaked out. Well, I went this morning and I’m in love. I might have finally found a place in Boston to do my hair. I’m sure some of you girls feel the same, but having the right stylist is so important! They need to listen to you and do what you want, but still suggest what is going to look best. It’s a delicate balance, I tell ya!

I had thoughts of going to cycling today but it was listed on my training plan as a rest day. I’m going to a training session tomorrow for lower body moves so I wasn’t sure if spinning was a good idea. When I asked, the coach replied with “But you just got your hair highlighted, why ruin that blow out? Skip it, you’ll get a fantastic workout tomorrow!”.

Once again, in love.